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Rugby League Betting

rugby-leagueRugby League is not just one of the most popular sports in Australia, but it is extremely popular the world over, particularly in Europe. In Australia we have one of the strongest domestic leagues in the world so we are truly blessed with some truly great matches.

The top league in Australia is the NRL, but we also have the hugely popular State Of Origin which is the most popular sporting even in Australia. Then you have the Kangaroos who are the Australian national team playing in tournaments such as the World Cup, Four Nations and the Anzac Test to name just a few.

Internationally there is a ton of other domestic leagues and other international tournaments happening all the time and the Australian bookmakers will offer a plethora of betting markets for all major tournaments. For NRL and the State Of Origin they will offer 200+ markets alone for every match.

Check out some of our rugby league betting guides below. We have provided links to some betting guides that will cover all the major tournaments and events, with the latest odds and tips provided.

Rugby League Betting Guides

NRL LogoNRL Premiership
The NRL is the number one domestic league in Australia and features sixteen teams battling it out for the premiership held in late September at ANZ Stadium in Sydney. All bookies offer plenty of different NRL markets. [Read More]

Dally M MedalDally M Medal
The Dally M Medal is awarded to the best individual player during the NRL season, the equivalent of the AFL Brownlow Medal. Betting interest is pretty high in the Dally M Medal now and all bookies will offer betting facilities. [Read More]

State Of OriginState Of Origin
Held since 1980, the State Of Origin is the biggest sporting event on the Australian calendar. It is a best of three series between Queensland and New South Wales and bookies will provide a ton of great free bet offers. [Read More]

Rugby League World CupWorld Cup
It does not get much bigger than the World Cup. Fourteen of the best teams in the world playoff until there are one winner. Australia usually dominate the World Cup, so you can expect plenty of betting interest in this. [Read More]

International Rugby BoardInternational Leagues
There are tons of different tournaments going on around the world in both domestic and international events. Australian bookies will offer markets on all these leagues, including a host of different promotions. [Read More]

Rugby League in Australia

nrl-matchAustralia is very lucky in the fact that we dominate rugby league on a world stage. Our national team the Kangaroos have been the strongest team without doubt over the past forty years and have won ten out of the fourteen World Cups in total.

Domestically the NRL is regarded as the strongest league in the world. Sixteen teams compete in the NRL, including one team from New Zealand, and each season is becoming even more popular than the last. With the emergence of pay television, all matches are now televised live bringing rugby league to a much wider audience.

Then you have the State Of Origin which is without doubt one of the biggest events on the domestic calendar worldwide. New South Wales and Queensland battle to the death in a best-of-three series to determine which is the best state, with Queensland having dominated for many years now.

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Rugby League Internationally

english-super-league-matchThere are plenty of European leagues and tournaments that are huge in popularity. From a domestic point of view leagues such as the English Super League, French Championship, New Zealand Premiership and Welsh Conference League among the more popular.

As far as international tournaments go the World Cup is the highest honour for international teams. The Four Nations is also pretty big with Australia, New Zealand and England all competing against each other along with another qualifier.

The European Cup, Colonial Cup and Challenge Cup are also pretty big. So no matter what time of year it may be, you can be sure there will be some form of rugby league being played with plenty of betting options available, given Australian bookmakers now offer a lot of different betting markets.

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Different Bet Types

league-bettingIn Rugby League there is a number of different bet types that are very popular amongst punters. Obviously the head to head bet type is the most popular and that involves simply picking the winner of a selected match.

But then you have line betting which involves a points handicap selected by the bookmaker in an attempt to even the match up and created an even field, where a team must cover the line for your bet to be a winner. Points betting is also popular and it involves a bigger line than the default line and in return giving you better odds.

Many punters also enjoy betting on the total match points market where the bookie provides an over and under on the total match score. In recent times the scorecast has surged in popularity too and that involves picking the first tryscorer and the winning margin, giving you monster odds. Check out all the betting markets available at the link below.

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How to Pick Winners

rugby-league-ballWith such a plethora of betting options now available in Australia from leagues all around the world, betting on rugby league has never been more accessible than it is today. So canny punters are now able to cash in if they know their stuff. But what are some of the key things to look at?

Paying attention to the obvious things like home and away form and head to head results would be the first thing to look at. With the NRL in particularly, there are many teams that have a bunny team or a bogey team that hey love/hate playing against, so trends can be easy to pick. Some teams love certain stadiums, while other teams can never seem to find a way to win at a particular venue.

Also the teams with the best defence are the teams to stick with. In rugby league, teams build their attack from a solid defence, so it is not uncommon for teams that have a great halfback to be more successful. If a team also has a good five-eighth they will certainly be more consistent.

There are plenty of websites out there that offer rugby league statistics from leagues all around the world, so have a quick look around the net for these sites. If you take in all the information above, you will be well on your way to picking winners, especially with all the bet types now available from the bookmakers.

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