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Luxbet Horse RacingGone are the days of backing a $10 winner at the TAB and looking up only to see it went off at $18 in another state. With so many bookies vying for your business, gone are the days for settling for second best, replaced by the days where you can get the best.

Each online bookie in Australia has a flagship racing product and it will often be the reason why a punter signs up and bets specifically with certain bookies. Below we will list what we think are the best tote based products available from around the traps.

We highly recommend checking out Best Tote +5% at and Best Tote Plus over at But there are many more great products out there, we can guarantee you that.

#1 Sportingbet Best Tote +5%

Racing products don't come much better than Best Tote +5% at Sportingbet. It guarantees you a payout equal to the best dividend declared by the three national TABs but with an additional 5% bonus on top.

It quite literally means you are getting paid out better odds than the three Totes and it is available for all metropolitan races during the week. Punters widely regard it as the best racing product currently in Australia and it is certainly hard to argue that.

Best Tote +5%

#2 BetEasy Best Tote Plus

Over at BetEasy you'll get Best Tote Plus which is quite similar to the above product at Sportingbet, except you are paid out either the Best Tote price from the three Australian TABs, or the official on course Starting Price. In other words, whichever is higher.

The big bonus about Best Tote Plus though is that it is available on ALL races daily in Australia, including country and provincial races. You will find most other bookies offer their product on metropolitan meetings only, so this is a huge upside!

BetEasy Best Tote Plus

#3 Sportsbet Top Tote Plus

Actually Sportsbet Top Tote Plus should be equal second in ranking as it is basically the same product as Top Tote Plus at BetEasy, but with a different name. It guarantees you a payout that is equal to the Best Tote price or the Starting Price, whichever is higher.

Again, this is available on every single race in Australia, be it a country meeting or a city meeting. The graphic below gives you a pretty good idea of how it works, but you will be able to bet safe in the knowledge you are getting better odds than the TAB.

Top Tote Plus

#4 Luxbet Best Of The Best

The good thing about Luxbet is that they offer two very good racing products and you get to make a choice of which you use. Their flagship product is Best Of The Best and it guarantees the higher odds out of the Best Tote or Top Fluc for every Australian metro race.

Then you have LuxDiv which is the Best Tote or Starting Price on all Australian metropolitan, provincial or country races. The fact you get a choice between these two products is what makes Luxbet a great proposition for racing punters.

Luxbet Best Of The Best

#5 Unibet Tote +10%

Unibet Tote +10% is an absolute cracker of a racing product and is the flagship product of Unibet Australia. This product allows you to get the VIC Tote odds with an additional 10% bonus on top of your winnings for all Australian Group races.

Also at Unibet is Tote +5% for Harness and Greyhound Group races throughout the racing season. If you're a punter who enjoys betting on the big races, then Unibet is the bookie for you as they offer the best value for Group races.

Unibet Tote +10%

#6 Pick Your Own Line

Pick Your Own Line is one of the most unique racing products currently online for racing punters in Australia. By selecting the winning margin you think a horse will win by, you will get increased odds for every extra margin you add, effectively allowing you to choose your own odds.

This product is available at three bookmakers including, and It is well worth checking out as it quite literally gives you the best odds in Australia for fixed odds racing.

Betstar Pick Your Own Odds

Other Tote Based Products

We have done reviews for all the major bookmaker tote based racing products which you can find below. You will find detailed guides to all the products that are offered from around the traps allowing you to get bigger payouts than the TAB.

Bookies these days all have mobile phone betting apps, so why would you bet at the TAB when you can get better odds on your phone. You can even use the Ladbrokes Card to withdraw funds from your account at Ladbrokes from any ATM around the country!

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